Metal and Wood 50’s era Coca-Cola Sign.

$225.00 $225.00

Extremely detailed Handmade, Hand-Lettered and aged Sign.

Period Perfect Vintage Signs. Contemporary Signs with a Vintage Soul.

Mid 1950’s era metal Coca-Cola sign mounted on wooden board with frame.

(This sign was created for indoor use only and not intended to be displayed outdoors)


The inspiration for this piece came to me from old photographs of rural General Stores with product signs nailed to the front of them. This particular sign is ALL Handmade, Hand-Lettered, and Hand-Aged. The hand-lettered sign is on a 12 1/2 X 16 inch metal blank painted Coca-Cola red. All of the rust and staining is also done by hand, which was then mounted to a solid pine board with weathered vintage slot screws. The faded and chipped green paint on the wood frame was matched to the green color used Coca-Cola signs of that period and put together using vintage nails showing age and rust. The overall size is 17 1/2 X 21 inches, with the back of the sign also aged, with label and correct markings that a sign shop would have used. It has a heavy duty claw hanger mounted, and ready for hanging.
This is an extraordinarily detailed sign and would make an impact in a collection, home, restaurant, tavern or any other commercial location.


This is a one off, bespoke item that you will not find ANYWHERE else!
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