For decades, the name "Big Nick" and Garage No.7 have been synonymous with high quality Custom Paint, Lettering, Pinstriping and Airbrushing in the custom automotive and motorcycle industry. After 40 plus years I've come full circle back to my sign painting roots but with a twist. I've combined my lettering skills with my love of history and antiques creating Period Perfect Vintage Signs, a branch of Garage No.7. These are not typical craft fair or mass produced import signs but Handmade, Hand-Painted and Hand Lettered bespoke works, made with some of the same materials and all of the craftsmanship of a sign writer a century ago. Each sign is unique in its detail, and when possible reclaimed salvaged woods and hardware are used along with our painstaking aging techniques to create a contemporary sign with a true vintage soul. Made with pride right here in Kenosha, Wisconsin.


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All of the items we sell will be carefully packaged to avoid damage in transit. To do our part for the environment, previously used packing materials will be used whenever possible to keep plastics and other harmful materials out of landfills and waterways around the world! PLEASE DO YOUR PART TOO!

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When we display an item in our store as Vintage or Antique, you can rest assured that we have done the homework to make sure that item is what we say it is. If we are in doubt of an items authenticity or pedigree, it will be clearly stated in the description. WE GUARANTEE IT!

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