1969 Dodge Coronet glove box owners packet complete.

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Super Rare and Hard to Find.
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1969 Dodge Coronet glove box owners packet, complete.
This is the complete owners packet that came out of the glove box of my fathers 1969 Coronet that he bought new in Elmwood Park, IL. in 1969. This IS NOT A REPRINT BUT OEM ORIGINAL. The packet includes the plastic envelope (seem on left side has split in it), the OWNER’S MANUAL which covers the Coronet, Super Bee, R/T, and Station Wagon. It also covers engine specifications for the 225, 318, 383 (2 Bbl), 383 (4 Bbl) 426 HEMI, and 440 Magnum. Book is in excellent condition, back cover has pin head size divot where orange is missing and some slight staining on lower left (Please see photos). Book itself is tight, no missing pages, no writing and no stains. WARRANTY BOOKLET which is also crisp. The dealer wrote my fathers name in the book and the certified car care card has been removed. Back cover has small spot and a small smudge of blue pen that must have been used when filling out the warranty card. AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE REGARDING YOUR NEW CAR, card is also enclosed and in mint condition. There is also a card regarding tires that supersedes the chart on page 28 of the owners manual (stating the only model with 15″ tires was the 426 HEMI, everything else came with 14’s).
I have just recently found this packet after 45 years. The car is long gone, the the paper work lives on!
If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will get back to you ASAP!
Thank you for your interest.
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